Even though the traders scramble to buy real Cryptocurrencies, there is a faster way to trade cryptocurrencies – trading Cryptocurrencies contracts for difference (CFDs) with Markets.com. Let’s see what it implies Cryptocurrency Trading: CFD  vs Actual Trading.

We are glad to update you that you can now trade Bitcoin (BTC/USD), and Ethereum (ETH/USD) on the Markets.com web and mobile trading platforms.

Trading Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrency Trading CFD vs Actual Trading

While CFD trading has its fair share of risks, it still offers some benefits over performing real Cryptocurrency transactions. These include:

Seamless Trading unlike real Bitcoin trading:

Trading Cryptocurrencies with Markets.com requires a simple login and usage of the user-friendly interface. On the contrary, errors in Bitcoin network transaction numbers may result in the loss of your coins. The same applies for Cryptocurrency Virtual Wallet passwords, which are hard to retrieve.

Immune to cybercrime and other security issues:

Real Cryptocurrency dealing has become a risky proposition due to the numerous cases of theft and manipulations executed by hackers and cybercriminals in recent times.

Fully regulated broker with 24/7 support:

Markets.com is operated by Safecap Investments Limited, a subsidiary of Playtech PLC which is traded on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

Leveraged trading:

With Markets.com, you can trade cryptocurrencies with competitive leverage. For example, if you are trading the Bitcoin CFD with a leverage of 1:5, you can buy it with only 5% of its value.

Risk Management Tools like Stop Loss or Take Profit:

The Bitcoin has been known to be a volatile cryptocurrency. With CFD trading you can mark your desired thresholds to potentially optimize your trading performance.

No need for virtual wallets or complex accounts:

Starting Bitcoin or Ethereum CFD trading with Markets.com involves just a quick registration. No complex setups or virtual wallets are needed to get going.

Trade on-the-go via multiple platforms:

Unlike “traditional” Cryptocurrency dealing, you can trade Bitcoin and Ethereum CFDs via your mobile phone and tablets. This enables quicker reaction times to markets changes.

Trading Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrency Trading CFD

4 benefits of trading Cryptocurrencies with Markets.com

No need to buy real Bitcoin

Trading Cryptocurrencies with Markets.com allows you to trade the asset without actually owning it, this means there’s no need to open a Cryptocurrency account or register on unregulated exchange sites which may charge expensive conversion fees.

Security & Integrity

We aim to implement the highest security standards and combine a number of advanced technical and physical safeguards to protect all data systems.

Option to short Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency exchange websites do not give you the option to short the asset. Markets.com does. Trading CFDs mean you trade speculatively on price movements allowing you to potentially benefit from the highly volatile nature of cryptocurrencies.

Trusted provider

Financial trading is a highly regulated industry. Markets.com operated by Safecap Investments Ltd is committed to being the ‘best in class’ and staying one step ahead of rules, regulations and practices.

First and foremost, we wish to clarify that you don’t actually own the Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc) you are trading. Secondly, the losses you make are amplified just like the gains you make with leveraged trading.

Trade wisely!

Trading Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrency Trading

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