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Advanced Training: Market Psychology

Market Psychology, as we talked about in last month’s Advanced Training, there is a great correlation in between Market Psychology as well as Trading. Because trading is connected to cash, several feelings are in play. Specifically, feelings such as Greed and Anxiety linked with trading. Not just does be afraid influence private traders, but it also has an extensive effect on the market in its entirety. Given that traders own the marketplace, this market psychology drives the patterns of the candles (“footprints of cash”.) Greed As costs rise, they accentuate themselves. More people observe the rise as well as want to be a component of that (greed.) They envision just how much loan they might be making so they leap precisely the train and, in doing so, create the train to accelerate, drawing more attention and so forth. Those that obtained on the train late, begin thinking of exactly how…

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Strategy | Obtaining High Performance in Any kind of Market

It seems difficult to understand the true meaning of “rabbit hole” until you enter an activity such as trading. While it is true that we have close to 100,000,000 articles floating the internet explaining the key differences, or just “advantages”, of one market, strategy or instrument versus the other, the vast majority are essentially bullet-point combinations of Wikipedia facts. So I thought it would be fun to put together a strategy for alternative selection centered around one’s abilities: intellectual, emotional and tangible. There are huge benefits to taking a back door approach, versus the common “wow, that seems great” first impression so many of us have when introduced to certain markets. This article has as much to do with making an intelligent strategy and instrument selection as it does with productivity, enthusiasm and knowledge. I have found these to all be very tightly intertwined. Over the years on this site, I have done my…

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