EZTrader Review, This broker is relatively old and established in 2008. Working with thousands of clients and still, the number is growing day by day. EZTrader is a pretty old Binary Options Broker dedicated to provide their best services to traders. EZTrader have made them unique and competitive with their quality and best services.

EZTrader Review | Trading Platform

The headquarter of EZtrader is located in Cyprus, EU. The platform is absolutely unique, it’s a platform that EZTrader own and don’t share with anyone. It is a unique platform and the design is quite simple and easy. So, that a newbie user can understand and easily navigate throughout the website. You can navigate anywhere from the homepage. We love the trading platform because of its simplicity and it maintains the standard of binary options trading.

EZTrader Review | Payout Rates

EZTrader is offering a huge ratio of profits for their customers. Their intention is to make their clients happy and hey always try to help their customers in making profits from binary options. The Maximum payout for certain assets is 95% that is absolutely best in Binary Options industry. In fact, you will also get a 10% return on Binary Options that expire Out-Of-The-Money. It will certainly help any aspiring trader to overcome a short amount of their losses.

EZTrader Review | Assets

EZTrader has a huge list of underlying assets, and all the popular assets in any category are also available in their assets index. Commodities are underrepresented because there’s only 5 assets. However, most brokers don’t offer more than this for commodities though. They have all the majors for currencies and stocks are plentiful. Good for traders located in other regions than North America. And European and Asian traders actually have an advantage that is because they can trade in the evening assets that are in a later time zone.

EZTrader Review | Reliability

EZTrader is much reliable than others as it is working from 2008 and we haven’t had any problem with them regarding to their platform and they do adding features every now and then. It is all good features for one or another. According to this, I recommend using a dedicated browser for trading only since this rich trading interface could eat a lot of resources from the browser which could cause “Not Responding” or worse affecting your current trades.

EZTrader Review | Bonus & Promotion

EZTrader takes pride in being the most competitive Binary Options broker among thousands. That is one of the main reasons why it became so widely popular among traders worldwide. You need to consider the following terms before making a decision on which one to select: EZTrader provides up to 95% payout on a single trade and a refund percentage from the initial trading amount should an unsuccessful trade take place.

EZTrader Review – The best and oldest binary options broker

EZTrader Review | Deposits & Withdrawals

Deposits as well as Withdrawals via EZTrader are designed to be fast, secure and hassle free. In addition, the platform supports a wide range of payment methods (All major credit cards, wire transfer, Moneybookers etc.) together with several alternative local payment methods. In fact, by offering more methods, they are extending the degree of flexibility provided to its users in order to fully accommodate them and their financial restraints.

EZTrader Review | Customer Support Service

EZTrader.com is owned and operated by Win Global Markets Services Ltd (WGM), which is an authorized and regulated Binary Options company operating under the Authorization of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Eztrader is regulated throughout Europe.

EZTrader Review | The Good

The most positive thing about EZTrader is, they are very old in his business and their business has been settled with a good and remarkable reputation. So, it is reliable and secure to use. Another advantage of EZTrader is the payout rate which is very higher than others. In addition, this broker has a huge list of assets, which gives their users flexibility to choose the best assets. This broker is a regulated broker which confirms that, it is reliable and not a scam as well.

EZTrader Review | The Bad

It’s easy to find comments about EZTrader. In fact, a simple search for EZTrader complaints will discover lots of information about that company. However, most complaints are negative. But that’s conventional since most complaints come from unhappy customers or competitors (brokers). Either way, there are lots of complaints so I can only assume that a few of them are possibly true about EZTrader. Mostly it comes down to withdrawals that should be easy. And this always happens due to the high number of bonuses offered are often not able to be made. Another disadvantage is that, there is no opportunity to open a demo account for trading.

EZTrader Review | In Conclusion

Being one of the few regulated operations throughout Europe (Cysec) and by so, EZTrader is considered a leader in providing its users with a trading experience like no other on a easy to use and highly advanced interface. In fact, it’s no surprise that this brokerage has become such a noticeable force in today’s binary options industry with its rapidly growing popularity.

EZTrader Review – The best and oldest binary options broker


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