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Articles about brokers, what are they? which is better? How to choose one? What to consider?

Brokers are people or institutions that act as intermediaries in buying and selling of financial stocks. They are people who pre-order, are authorized to advise or make investments or securities transactions in financial markets directly. That is, are the agents acting as intermediaries between a broker or buyer and a seller.

Brokers can also provide relevant market information.

In binary options, insurance brokers are those that are regulated, because in this way are known to be controlled, they are serious and not steal money from investors.

Here are factors to consider what choosing a broker:

The opinion of others traders
The overriding criterion in the selection of these brokers has been the view of traders who have experienced the broker in question. Their experiences and testimonies have allowed us to indicate the runners with the best qualities an options trader looking at them.
The number of assets, indices, commodities and currency pairs proposals
The online options broker should offer a wide range of indices, commodities and currency pairs. The list of available financial indices should be as comprehensive as possible to allow maximum benefit from trading opportunities.
The usability of the platform
The quality of the platform has also been analyzed in depth. The platform should be intuitive and display speed of execution. Must not errors, and the history of closed transactions should be clear, precise and exportable in Excel file. Finally, the design should be attractive and line art or candles quotes must be accurate.
The quality of customer service
Customer service should be fast and offer maximum performance. Counselors must speak the customer’s language and respond to questions within 24 hours. Requests for refunds must be treated within 72 hours and customer service must be available 24 hours.

Cryptocurrency investing – Comparison of major cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, Litecoin, cryptocurrencies, mining, cryptocurrency investing… It seems like these new words are popping up everywhere in recent months. In part, the cryptocurrency boom is due to the fact that historically they have shown much higher profitability than the traditional dollar or euro. But there are actually a number of reasons why cryptocurrency investing and cryptocurrencies are so popular. They are safe, anonymous, and completely decentralized. Unlike conventional currencies, they are not controlled or regulated by any particular authority, and their flow is completely determined by market demand. They are also nearly impossible to forge, thanks to a highly complex code system that encrypts each transmission, providing complete anonymity and security for every user. Cryptocurrency investing – Best cryptocurrency to invest 2017 Although Bitcoin is practically the only cryptocurrency discussed most of the time, there are actually many different cryptocurrencies available (in fact, very many… view the List of all…

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Trading Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrency Trading CFD vs Actual Trading

Even though the traders scramble to buy real Cryptocurrencies, there is a faster way to trade cryptocurrencies – trading Cryptocurrencies contracts for difference (CFDs) with Let’s see what it implies Cryptocurrency Trading: CFD  vs Actual Trading. We are glad to update you that you can now trade Bitcoin (BTC/USD), and Ethereum (ETH/USD) on the web and mobile trading platforms. While CFD trading has its fair share of risks, it still offers some benefits over performing real Cryptocurrency transactions. These include: Seamless Trading unlike real Bitcoin trading: Trading Cryptocurrencies with requires a simple login and usage of the user-friendly interface. On the contrary, errors in Bitcoin network transaction numbers may result in the loss of your coins. The same applies for Cryptocurrency Virtual Wallet passwords, which are hard to retrieve. Immune to cybercrime and other security issues: Real Cryptocurrency dealing has become a risky proposition due to the numerous cases of theft and…

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Best free stock analysis software. How to identify trend in forex trading  ?

How to identify trend in forex trading, How to identify trend in forex trading ? How predict forex direction ? offers you Advanced Trading Tools for real-time decisions, so you can Turn news into Trading Opportunities. Best free stock analysis software. Start Trading Now at! Discover Daily Analyst Recommendations — stock buy sell signals Open the Analyst’s Recommendations Tool, and Follow Top Analyst Recommendations.The Daily Analyst Recommendations will “digest” the vast amounts of financial data generated around the world and present it to you in a simplified manner to help you get a clearer picture of the financial markets.The Daily Analyst Recommendations collects, evaluates and presents you with stock recommendations made by top financial analysts and experts in the field. The featured analysts are measured by their accuracy and given a Star Ranking between 0 and 5, with Five Stars being the highest available rank. The changes in the ratings are uploaded in…

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IQ Option Forex Trading Platform launched

IQ Option developed and launched a new app for iOs, which allows to trade on Forex, CFD and cryptocurrency! Now you can trade on all these new products at the new IQ Option Forex Trading Platform! The new era of Forex Trading has already begun! *Terms of Service apply   IQ Option Forex Trading IQ Option Forex Trading Platform gives its forex traders these features Negative balance protection: to help protect you and safeguard your funds. Means that your account will be brought to a zero balance if it goes into negative as a result of trading activity. Ensures losing positions don’t enter negative balance Investment multipliers: IQ Option Forex Trading Platform provides a Wide range of multipliers, the Investment Multiplier allows you to effectively multiply the amount that you invest. For example, if you invest $100 and apply a Multiplier of 5, this means that your profits and losses are…

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RBinary Review – Why you should trading with RBinary ?

RBinary Review : RBinary is a Premier Binary options Broker, providing to any or all of the traders worldwide a prime quality service in this kind of financial trading.- RBinary Review – Platform The platform offered for trading is integrated to RBinary web site and there’s no need downloading anything to start out trading binary options in real time. The Broker supports seven different languages, as well as English, German, Spanish, Arabic and Russian and has its client support team able to facilitate their traders 24/7. Trading with RBinary is extremely simple, the platform is user friendly and has very comfy and simple to understand interface.   RBinary Review – Assets There are four different trading instruments for any kind of volatility on the market and over a hundred and twenty trading assets traded at stock and forex exchanges around the world. RBinary Review – Payout & Withdrawal The maximum…

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OptionFair Review – The untold truth

OptionFair Review – The untold truth about OptionFair binary options broker OptionFair is an online binary option broker which was founded in 2010 and ranks among the first providers of binary options on the internet. In OptionFair, innovation is a huge priority. This is how the broker was the first to provide the one-touch type of trade option, which is now the most standard offer of binary option trading types. The well programmed website makes it technically possible that, exclusively innovative types of trades can be made by this platform like 60 seconds or other short duration trades. OptionFair is also at the top of the maximal yield. OptionFair, provides highest payout rates up to 85%, but it can still be increased to 89% as a trader with platinum or a gold status OptionFair Review | Trading Platform The trading platform of OptionFair is designed by Tec-financials and is also…

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uBinary Review – The best Binary Options Broker in the Market

Consider this uBinary Review and get a quick insight to this binary options broker Reputation is everything in any sector and uBinary has already been able to establish themselves as a reputed binary options broker in the short time. Much like a few of the other new brokers out in the market, uBinary offers rates as high as 85 percent on a day to day basis and even more. They also have a secure, easy-to-use and high powered web based software platform that requires no extra downloads or other software to install. uBinary is based out of London and England. They have already begun changing notions of what this industry’s standards should be set at. In short, this brokerage is worth a close look at to see if they fit in with your goals as a binary options trader. uBinary Review | The Trading Platform While reviewing their trading platform,…

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AnyOption Review – Anyone can Trade with AnyOption

AnyOption Review, AnyOption is a binary options trading platform that has brought success to many traders; from beginners to advanced traders, who had found it difficult to trade conventionally with currency, index, stocks and commodity. This broker offers so many different options to trade with – hence the name is AnyOption where even the most novice investors will find it easy to invest and that includes people all over the world, speaking many different languages. AnyOption Review | Trading Platform The AnyOption software is closely simple and easy to use platform. It is intuitive and you can pick it up within a few minutes of time, which means that you can get to what you came there to do. In fact, you don’t have to make a deposit to check out the software at all, or even provide your credit card details. To get this offer, you just need to…

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TradeRush Review – The highlighted Binary Option Broker

TradeRush is a user-friendly and reliable binary options trading platform for all levels of traders. It has wide choice of assets to trade with including some of very unique features and tools to offer for their traders. It offers dedicated support trough account managers and live support which is the key element of a standard broker. One of the key strengths of Traderush is easy profit withdrawal process. In this Traderush Review, we will highlight the main features of the platform and the features they offer. TradeRush Review | Trading Software TradeRush is using the SpotOption platform that is outstanding and user friendly. In this platform, it only takes a few minutes to learn how to buy options in the markets of your expertise and there are many options to become an expert with this broker. This broker offers the common binary options such as high/low options (call/put), one touch…

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