How to identify trend in forex trading, How to identify trend in forex trading ? How predict forex direction ? offers you Advanced Trading Tools for real-time decisions, so you can Turn news into Trading Opportunities. Best free stock analysis software.

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Discover Daily Analyst Recommendations — stock buy sell signals

Open the Analyst’s Recommendations Tool, and Follow Top Analyst Recommendations.The Daily Analyst Recommendations will “digest” the vast amounts of financial data generated around the world and present it to you in a simplified manner to help you get a clearer picture of the financial markets.The Daily Analyst Recommendations collects, evaluates and presents you with stock recommendations made by top financial analysts and experts in the field. The featured analysts are measured by their accuracy and given a Star Ranking between 0 and 5, with Five Stars being the highest available rank. The changes in the ratings are uploaded in real-time.The tool provides a wide range of insights. Taking action based on the info is also 1 click away, just click on the Buy or Sell button.

How to identify trend in forex trading — Best free stock analysis software

Discover Traders Trends Tool to see Forex Trading trends

Open the Top Traders Trend Tool, and See real-time Buy and Sell Trends.The Traders Trends Feature presents the buy and sell trends of traders, updating every few minutes. Gain a deeper understanding of instrument trends amongst traders.Evaluate and make trading decisions considering latest trends.The events that could have direct global effect on the dynamics and volatility of an instrument are factored into the sentiment value percentages, updated and refreshed every few minutes.Identify potential trading opportunities.Trade on the most Active Stocks.

How to identify trend in forex trading — Best free stock analysis software

Discover Events & Trade — stock analysis software

Events & Trade looks much like a traditional economic calendar, with the main difference being that it automatically filters upcoming events, displaying only those that have exhibited significant statistical trends.Should any of the events take your interest, you can access more detailed information about each individual indicator. This information includes the pairs it is most likely to affect, at what time frames, the direction of the projected trend and the probability of the projected trend holding based on the past twelve occasions the report was released.To use this tool, simply select an upcoming news event from the Events & Trade calendar, you’ll see a list of currency pairs, time frames and potential opportunities. Once you’ve chosen which opportunity you want to explore, select by clicking it and you’ll see a summary page that lists the previous 12 events and appropriate price charts. You can also select “Highlight Historical Events”.

How to identify trend in forex trading — Best free stock analysis software

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